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Translation of particular in German

particular     sonderlich

Translation by Vocabulix


particular; explicitly; in detail ausführlich
particular ungewöhnlich/besonders
particular speziell; genau; exakt
particular, unusual besonders(1)
particular besonders; speziell
particular; special besonderes
in particular Im Besonderen
in particular insbesondere
particular besondere(r,s)
in particular vorallem
particular bestimmt
particular einzeln

Once in the VIP room, overlooking the entire club (around 2000 people were inside), watching all the dancers on the stage and enjoying the loud music my wife felt even worse, but it wasn't the wine.
We cursed our bus driver and tour guide and everybody knew that these people were not professional. After 2 hours we arrived at the destination. It was a little boat station on a riverbank.
We walked almost every alley in Cusco, stunned by its beauty and ignoring the developing altitude thickness, which resulted in the most horrible night of our lives.
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