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Translation of perky in German

perky     dreist; flott; munter

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Sample sentences:
The way he behaved was quite perky.

Die Art, wie er sich benahm, war ziemlich dreist.

I was on vacation for almost two months, so that I could not send you the learning files. In the coming days I will organize the tasks for 2012... Can I count on you for some translation work? Can you translate the following sentence?
I was born in 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a small city, but not as small as Basel or Geneva. I grew up in a suburb of Zurich. When I was 12, I moved with my parents to Spain.
Nevertheless, I was looking forward to the flight. Thirteen hours in the air has something exciting in itself. You can watch movies, sleep, read newspapers and rest. Normally, we always under stress.
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