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Translation of persuade in German

to persuade     überreden

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Sample sentences:
Finally, we persuaded him to accept this additional burden.

Schließlich überredeten wir ihn, die zusätzliche Belastung auf sich zu nehmen.
persuade überreden, überzeugen
persuade überreden,überzeugen
to convince, persuade überzeugen
to persuade bewegen; überzeugen
convince; persuade überreden
to persuade to überreden zu
persuade so jm. überreden

I will be visiting in Italy from April 10 to 15 in order to meet some old friends. I'd like you to attend a one-day course, maybe I can help you in learning something new. Please give it a try.
In order to quickly become successful, one would have to change certain points, at least in my opinion: After 5 months of learning, I have still not found the grammar practice on which I should concentrate.
I'm fine. I hope you are too. Art is very important for people and everything would be much more boring without art. Nevertheless, there are not many people who appreciate it. I have no sympathy for that.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of persuade   [ persuaded, persuaded ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of überreden
überrede  überredest  überredet  überreden  überredet  überreden  überredete  überredetest  überredete  überredeten  überredetet  überredeten