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Translation of plane in German

the plane      das Flugzeug 
the plane     der Hobel; die Platane
the plane     die Flugmaschine

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Sample sentences:
The visibility was hindered by the fog so the pilot decided to land the plane at another airport.

Die Sichtbarkeit war durch den Nebel sehr beeinträchtigt und der Pilot entschied sich das Flugzeug an einem andern Flughafen zu landen.
jet fighter plane Düsenjäger
ship by plane per Luftfracht versehen
plane; airplane; aeroplane Flugzeug
plane; flight Maschine (Flugzeug)
a plane journey/a flight ein Flug
jet plane das Düsenflugzeug
plane crash r Flugzeugabsturz
model plane Modelflugzeug
plane (das) Flugzeug
Plane Das Flugzeug
plane-tree Platane

When we got there we saw that the line was incredibly long and that we did not want to wait. Our friends from Holland were standing in the line, but we thought that we just try and ask the doorman.
The next morning we felt much better, but we decided to stay in bed the entire morning to fully recover. We watched some Seinfeld episodes which were running every morning at around 10a.m.
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