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Translation of pneumonia in German

the pneumonia     die Lungenentzündung

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Sample sentences:
After sleeping outside for a week, I caught pneumonia.

Nachdem ich eine Woche lang im Freien übernachtet hatte, bekam ich eine Lungenentzündung.

We decided to fly directly to Hanoi and booked a flight for the same day. Before we left we still had some time to visit the War Remnants Museum. One could see the former headquarters of the South.
I understand that you use the article 'die' when talking about a feminine object, das when the subject is neutral, and der when talking about a masculine object. But how can you remember all these?
Thanks a lot for the correction, they are very helpful and so are you in general. As I mentioned earlier I need more practice to write entire sentences in French and it takes a lot of time.
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