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Translation of postcard in German

the postcard      die Postkarte 

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Sample sentences:
Although modern communication means exist today, it is still nice to receive a postcard.

Obwohl heutzutage moderne Kommunikationsmethoden existieren, ist es immer noch schön Postkarten zu bekommen.
postcard die Postkarte-n
postcard(s) Postkarte(n)
postcard Ansichtskarte
postcard postkarte

We spent the rest of our time, eating in good restaurants, shopping, walking around and going to bars at night. One night of these nights we went to eat dinner at the Palermo district.
Yes I think that's fine. I read your messages in German but i only understand them, answering in German is to difficult for me at the stage. Maybe after we practice for a while, I will be able to.
The next morning we got up a little later than usual. After leaving our room we recognized that this town and region was stunning. Desert and high volcanoes all around us. The place was superb.
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