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Translation of professional in German

the professional     der Profi
professional     berufsmäßig; professionell
professional     beruflich; fachlich

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Sample sentences:
Maya decided to become a professional dancer when she was twelve.

Maya beschloss Profitänzerin zu werden als sie zwölf war.
Mark had wanted to be a professional swimmer all his life. Mark wollte sein Leben lang Profischwimmer werden.
Our tools are very dusty since we would rather call a professional to fix things around the house. Unser Werkzeug ist sehr staubig, da wir lieber einen Techniker für Reparaturen im Haus anrufen.
fee; professional fee; tax Gebühr; Honorar
professional fachmännisch
professional professionell
professional Spezialist
professional fachlich
professional Fachmann

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