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Translation of proper in German

proper     recht
proper     zuständig

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Sample sentences:
The proper procedure to deal with this problem would be a lawsuit.

Die richtige Art, mit diesem Problem umzugehen wäre ein Gerichtsverfahren.
None of the castaways could expect a proper burial. Keiner der Schiffbrüchigen konnte eine vernünftige Beerdigung erwarten.
proper; adequate; moderate angemessen; adäquat; passend
proper einwandfrei; richtig; genau, anständig
without proper training ohne richtiges Training
proper eigentlich; passend; dazugehörig
proper hinreichend; gebührend; richtig
decent, proper, moral anständig
correct, proper, right richtig
proper(ly) geeignet, richtig
proper ordentlich;angemessen
proper eigentlich; korrekt

After breakfast we visited one of the largest markets in the country. It was very close to the hotel and we were tempted to buy souvernirs and other stuff that we would never use ever again.
In the end we decided to try something new, and although we are not great "fans" of South East Asia, we agreed on going to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and if there would be enough time Hong Kong.
The counter opened 45 minutes before take-off, and we really had to beg the ground personal to check for another seat. They were friendly, but nonetheless we felt that they would do us a favor.
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