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Translation of propose in German

to propose     vorschlagen

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Sample sentences:
An academic proposed a new way to reference citations.

Ein Akademiker schlug eine neue Methode für die Quellenangabe von Zitaten vor.
to propose; bring up; bring forward vorbringen
propose suggestion vorschlag vorschlagen

The new router will be tested with XTB's solution at the laboratory in Germany by Anika and Julia. In case of success, reports and profiles will be sent to TBX about the progress and the right parameters.
After our system update, lessons will be saved for 30 minutes automatically, if you want to save them permanently, you need to press the 'save lesson' button. It than works the same basically.
I was surprised that he charged 5 dollars extra (a total of fifteen instead of ten), because he had to take us to three different locations. I did not buy the whole thing and gave him ten bucks.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of propose   [ proposed, proposed ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of vorschlagen
schlage vor  schlägst vor  schlägt vor  schlagen vor  schlagt vor  schlagen vor  schlug vor  schlugst vor  schlug vor  schlugen vor  schlugt vor  schlugen vor