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Red in German

red      rot 

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Sample sentences:
The bellboy at the Lion Hotel wore a red uniform.

Der Hotelpage im Lion Hotel trug eine rote Uniform.
He found her blood red lipstick classy. Er fand ihren blutroten Lippenstift stilvoll.
The cove in Taiji was red with dolphin blood. Die Bucht in Taiji war rot vom Blut der Delfine.
red baton Schwarzer Peter; Rote Laterne, Fackel; Gummiknüppel, Stab
to read, red, red; (ri:d, red, red) lesen
a red pepper eine rote Peperoni
read, read ("red") lesen, las
in the red i.d. roten Zahlen
the Red Sea das Rote Meer
red tape Bürokratie
red radishes Radieschen
red meat rotes Fleisch

That's cool if we can arrange like this. I went to Europe last year, and I went to Germany as well, I loved it! What city are you from? I speak a little bit German but not very well (as you may see).
Yes I think that's fine. I read your messages in German but i only understand them, answering in German is to difficult for me at the stage. Maybe after we practice for a while, I will be able to.
In the afternoon we went to the Cerro Catedral which is a small mountain not far (30 minutes) from the city. You can either climb up or take the chair lift. We chose the second option.
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