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Translation of refund in German

to refund     erstatten
the refund     der Ersatz; die Erstattung; die Rückerstattung; die Rückgabe; die Rückvergütung; die Rückzahlung; die Vergütung; die Zurückerstattung

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Sample sentences:
The company promised a speedy refund for the faulty item.

Die Firma versprach einen schnellen Ersatz für den fehlerhaften Artikel.
to refund zurückerstatten
to refund ersetzen, erstatten
refund on Erstattung von
refund rückzahlung

A little latter we came back to our home and Leonard offered me to take me around the city with his motorbike. I could not refuse although I am a little scared by these vehicles, as they are dangerous.
Other tourists needed to check out first before others could check in. I wanted to see the ruins on the same day and booked a tour in this little jungle settlement and waited for the tour guide.
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Conjugation of refund   [ refunded, refunded ]