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Translation of regret in German

to regret     bedauern; bereuen

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Sample sentences:
We regret not being able to continue the language course due to time problems.

Wir bedauern es, den Sprachkurs aufgrund von zeitlichen Problemen nicht fortsetzen zu können.
be sorry; regret; (lamentar) bedauern
be sorry; regret; (dar lastima) leid
regret; regret bedauern; bereuen
regret bedauern, betreuen
regret bedauern, bereuen
the regret die Reue
to regret bereuen
regret bedauern

Do you need them as hard or soft copy? Donna, I forgot I can't on Wednesday... My family is coming for the weekend. Maybe we can do it one week later? I am kindly asking you to tell also Harry.
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After the bar we sailed back with the ferry to the other side, the side of the financial district, because there were some Halloween parties in the different bars at the Lan Kwai Fong street.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of regret   [ regreted, regreted ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of bedauern
bedauere  bedauerst  bedauert  bedauern  bedauert  bedauern  bedauerte  bedauertest  bedauerte  bedauerten  bedauertet  bedauerten     
Conjugation of bereuen
bereue  bereust  bereut  bereuen  bereut  bereuen  bereute  bereutest  bereute  bereuten  bereutet  bereuten