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Translation of relive in German

to relive     wieder erleben

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Sample sentences:
This souvenir will help you relive the lucky moments.

Dieses Andenken soll dich die Glücksmomente wieder erleben lassen.

My boss offered it to me, so that a few more people at work will have a good level of English and now I really have to kick my own ass (I've started last year and it's not going very well).
I do translate to Spanish, but I always inform the client about my problem, in order not to have any dispute. The corrections I receive after proof reading are mostly a confusion between the different time forms in Spanish.
It takes a lot of energy to go out and have fun. I do not have this energy at night, but still, I feel good. I love to watch Spanish and English movies on TV and sometimes I go to the movie theater.
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