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Translation of reluctant in German

reluctant     abgeneigt; widerstrebend; widerwillig; zurückhaltend

Translation by Vocabulix


reluctant; unwilling widerwillig
reluctant unwillig; widerwillig
reluctant widerwillig; ungern

Teachers prefer simpler methods to teach Spanish. I will do this with Mr. Meier at our meeting in Zurich (as discussed in March). Where do you live in Basel? Do you live with family or friends?
As mentioned in our conversation, I will send a more detailed description about all the other exercises. As indicated previously, I believe in your technical skills and in your talent.
What are you doing? I'm at work. It is so boring and my boss is not here. Yesterday I was here until midnight, because we had problems with the PC system. Then we ordered pizza and a few beers.
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