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Translation of scandalous in German

scandalous     skandalös; unerhört

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Sample sentences:
He said calling Egypt democratic after what happened was scandalous.

Er sagte, es sei skandalös Ägypten nach dem, was passiert war, demokratisch zu nennen.
scandalous unerhört

Although it was only one thirty we had already seen a lot. The ones who tell you that you could stay there for a week and not see everything are actually right. The entire region is vast.
First we got some lunch which was the first normal experience on that day. Then we were told to take a boat. A fisherman and his young daughter were rowing and we continued on the river.
The next morning, we got up at 5, had breakfast and headed back to the same airport where we landed a few hours earlier. The 1 hour flight was packed with lots of tourists of all ages, mainly Americans.
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