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Translation of shady in German

shady     fragwürdig; schattenhaft; schattig; zwielichtig

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Sample sentences:
The neighbor's shady operations were obviously connected with drugs.

Die fragwürdigen Aktivitäten des Nachbarn hatten offensichtlich etwas mit Drogen zu tun.

I was on vacation for almost two months, so that I could not send you the learning files. In the coming days I will organize the tasks for 2012... Can I count on you for some translation work? Can you translate the following sentence?
In plural there is no difference between the formal and the colloquial address form. Do you mean that you are using 3rd person singular form for the plural imperative? If so, I will change all entries so far.
I really would like to invest more time here but until now I was too busy to keep my promises. Maybe I should take a vacation and go back to Scotland and take another language course there.
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