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Translation of slight in German

slight     leise
slight     unwichtig

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Sample sentences:
There were only slight mistakes in the document.

Es waren nur kleine Fehler in dem Dokument.
slight beleidigen; schwach; Geringschätzung
slight licht; enigszinds; einigermaßen
slight; slightly ein bisschen; kaum; wenig
slight unbedeutend; geringfügig
slight geringfügig; unwichtig
slight dünn; unwichtig; klein
slight leicht, geringfügig
slight, slender schmächtig
slight, mild leicht (Krankheit)
slight gering, klein, leicht
slight(ly) leicht

The people in the market knew how to bargain and one would hardly have a change to lower the price drastically. We bought some Espresso cups carved and painted with some local paintings.
You don't speak Russian? It's not so easy to speak this. I think, my English isn't very strong at all. But I hope to improve once I have the chance to write someone whose mother language is English...
In the end, the taxi dropped us also at their hotel (Hotel Monarca): Three stars, rooms available, hot water, a decent breakfast, free Internet and 2$ more expensive then our hostel.
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