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Translation of slightly in German

slightly     etwas

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Sample sentences:
The jacket was slightly too big so I decided to take it to the tailor.

Die Jacke war etwas zu groß und ich entschloss mich sie dem Schneider zu bringen.
Water leaked from the pipe because it was slightly damaged. Wasser rinnte aus der Röhre weil sie leicht beschädigt war.
The toad definitely prefers slightly damp weather to the dry summer heat. Die Kröte bevorzugt definitiv ein etwas feuchterer Wetter gegenüber der trockenen Sommerhitze.
slightly entfernt; geringfügig; schwach
slight; slightly ein bisschen; kaum; wenig
slightly etwas, geringfügig
slightly ein bisschen, etwas
slightly ein bisschen; etwas
slightly ein wenig; etwas
slightly etwas, leicht
slightly ein bisschen

The people in the market knew how to bargain and one would hardly have a change to lower the price drastically. We bought some Espresso cups carved and painted with some local paintings.
Please correct me, if i misspelled something! Where are you living? What are you doing in your life? I hope it's okay if i correct your mistakes. I wish you could do the same for me, it will help my writing skills.
The next two hours we were busy with moving our stuff to our new place and organizing our trip to Machu Picchu for the next day.
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