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Translation of slip in German

to slip     gleiten; schlüpfen
to slip     ausrutschen
the slip     der Schlupf
the slip     das Ausrutschen; der Rutsch

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Sample sentences:
The firefly slipped through the little opening in the window and lit up our bungalow.

Das Glühwürmchen schlüpfte durch die kleine Fensteröffnung und erleuchtete unser Bungalo.
The chisel slipped sideways, and she screamed 'Ouch!' as it hit her hand. Der Meißel rutschte zur Seite, und sie schrie 'Au!' als er ihre Hand traf.
paying-in slip; paying in slip Einzahlungsbeleg
withdrawl slip der Auszahlungsschein
deposit slip der Einzahlungsschein
paying-in slip stortingsformulier
paying-in slip Einzahlungsschein
pay slip Lohn-/Gehaltsabrechnung
to slip away entschlüpfen
to slip down heruntergleiten
slip road Autobahnauffahrt
slip; resbalar ausrutschen

Hi Christin, how are you? I am on vacation right now, but you can call me if there are any problems. I am planning to meet my students in the end of next week. I will deliver the message anyway.
I will forward the words to you tomorrow or Sunday, once they give their OK. Which hotel did you book? Did you speak to the Chef de cuisine and can I make the reservation at the restaurant?
I was the only one at the beach, as it was too early and all the party people were still sleeping. After that I hired a motorcycle in order to drive around the island. I never drove before that.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of slip   [ slipped, slipped ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of gleiten
gleite  gleitest  gleitet  gleiten  gleitet  gleiten  gleitete  gleitetest  gleitete  gleiteten  gleitetet  gleiteten     
Conjugation of schlüpfen
[bin geschlüpft]
schlüpfe  schlüpfst  schlüpft  schlüpfen  schlüpft  schlüpfen  schlüpfte  schlüpftest  schlüpfte  schlüpften  schlüpftet  schlüpften