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Translation of Slovenia in German

Slovenia     Slowenien

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Sample sentences:
The prospect of seeing the daffodils in Slovenia again made her happy.

Die Aussicht, noch einmal die Narzissen in Slovenien sehen zu können, machte sie glücklich.
Slovenia Slowenien

The current situation in Libya is really difficult. I tried to get in contact with acquaintances, but all the phones were not working. I'm really concerned about their well-being. I'll try again later.
It is very different from bars and discos and nightlife. So it has also advantages, however the quantity and the quality of information circulating in the social networks worries me a little. A lot of it is garbage.
My name is Julio and I live in Santiago, which is in Chile. I speak a little German, but I want to improve. Where are you from? Where do you live? What is your favorite music? Auf wiedersehen!
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