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Translation of smallest in German

smallest     kleinste

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Sample sentences:
The smallest cup was as tiny as a thimble.

Die kleinste Tasse war so winzig wie ein Fingerhut.
Coverage for the squadron was planned down to the smallest detail. Die Deckung für die Staffel war bis ins kleinste Detail geplant.

Teachers prefer simpler methods to teach Spanish. I will do this with Mr. Meier at our meeting in Zurich (as discussed in March). Where do you live in Basel? Do you live with family or friends?
I have a few other short sentences by tomorrow. How can I pay for all these little translations? If I remember correctly I made also a small contribution through the channel last year... But I don't think you should charge for these ones.
Did you have fun with your family? What is your mother tongue? Thanks for your answer, I have understood everything. I have a brother who lives in Panama! I wish you a nice weekend.
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