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Translation of spiral in German

the spiral     die Spirale

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Sample sentences:
Look at that funky painting with the purple spirals!

Guck dir mal das irre Bild da mit den lila Spiralen an!
price-wage-spiral; wage-price-spiral Preis-Lohn-Spirale; Lohn-Preis-Spirale

Her students are using the software and learning with the website afterwards on a regular basis. She is very satisfied and she was kind and gave me your number, as she thought that it may interest you.
Sunday is fine. Please let us talk tomorrow to arrange a schedule of that day. I will call you tomorrow, but in any case, here is my number again. We could do it also on Monday next week, if it fits everybody.
I took a shuttle to the ferry station and enjoyed the thirty minute busride. I wrote some SMS to my cousin who stayed on the island two years ago and she informed me about hostels and good places.
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