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Translation of splendid in German

splendid     prächtig
splendid     herrlich

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Sample sentences:
The villa looked splendid - hence the count wanted to buy it.

Die Villa sah herrlich aus, also wollte der Graf sie kaufen.
admirable, marvelous; splendid, magnificent; maravilloso, precioso herrlich
splendid berühmt; famos; prächtig
Splendid/ magnificent Prächtig
splendid fantastisch; brilliant
excellent; splendid famos
splendid großartig

The people in the market knew how to bargain and one would hardly have a change to lower the price drastically. We bought some Espresso cups carved and painted with some local paintings.
The first thing he wanted to show us was a war memorial for Cambodia's civil war. The war has ended only few years earlier and was still very present in the mind of the entire population.
We first took a regular bus to the border, which was basically just an empty building. There we switched to Jeeps, as the terrain was rocky. In our group there were 4 American girls and us.
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