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Translation of starve in German

to starve     verhungern

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to starve hungern; leiden; entbehren
starve; to starve vor Hunger sterben
to starve s.o. jmd. hungern lassen
to starve to death verhungern
to starve (ver)hungern
To Starve Verhungern

Arete means earring. Is it only in Mexico, regional? earring has multiple translations in Spanish, some are regionalism, others not. Arete, pendiente, caravana, and some others. But they are widely understood.
We have learned that some tenses, such as Present Tense are easier and not as complex as others. Is that right? In my opinion, tenses in English are much easier than in the Spanish language.
I love sports in general and I play football. During the week I practice 3 to 4 times and during the weekend we play against other teams. We mostly win, because we have a great team.
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