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Translation of suburb in German

the suburb      der Vorort 

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Sample sentences:
My stepson lives in the suburbs of London.

Mein Stiefsohn lebt in einem Vorort von London.
suburb Vorort; vorstädtlich
suburb Vorort; Stadtrand
suburb Vorstadt
suburb vorort

When we left the stadium after the game there were plenty of people on the streets. The neighbors opened their windows to sell grilled meat and the entire street smelled of meat and smoke.
I can understand a little Spanish with the base of Italian and heaps of words sound familiar. I will try to have conversations as much as i can. Just learning the vocabulary and the grammar isn't enough!
The next morning she felt much better and we decided to take the bus to Puerto Varas, a small town near the Osorno volcano. The bus ride took around 13 hours and we passed through various, but not very interesting landscapes.
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