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Translation of supposed in German

supposed     vermeintlich

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Sample sentences:
The limousine that was supposed to take us to the Oscars was late.

Die Limousine, die uns zur Oscarverleihung bringen sollte, war zu spät.
The looker was supposed to stare at the subject for three minutes at a time. Der Beschauer sollte die Testperson drei Minuten lang anstarren.
The new system was supposed to make work more efficient. Das neue System sollte die Arbeit effizienter machen.
to be supposed to sollen; vorgesehen sein zu
supposed; alleged; supuestamente angeblich
supposed; (sa'pauzd) angeblich/angenommen
to be supposed to sollen sollte gesollt
was supposed to sollte eigentlich
to be supposed to; should sollen
supposed angeblich; unterstellt
is supposed to soll eigentlich

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