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Thief in German

the thief      der Dieb 

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Sample sentences:
The thief was caught when he tried to rob the same bank for a second time.

Der Dieb wurde gefangen als er versuchte die selbe Bank zum zweiten Mal zu überfallen.
In some Arab countries the hand of a thief is hacked off without mercy. In manchen arabischen Ländern wird einem Dieb ohne Gnade die Hand abgehackt.
He slew the thief and threw him into the ravine. Er erschlug den Dieb und warf ihn in die Schlucht.
the thief(thieves) der Dieb, Diebe
Catch the thief! Halte(t) den Dieb!
Catch the thief! Fass den Dieb!
thief der Dieb; die Diebin
thief-thieves Dieb-Diebe
thief; thieves Dieb/in
thief Dieb, Diebin
thief Dieb,Diebin
thief (der) Dieb

it was very hot and very cool and very long. I will go to Mallorca at the end of June only for a week... but it is enough.... the sun, beach and water, coast... uuuhhh. For my job I use German and English language.
A flew hours later we landed in Siem Reap. The land around us was amazingly green and the weather was very humid. We were still in shock while driving into the city center with our driver.
I think there are many similar words in English and in German like park, house, bank and many more. Many people in Germany know these words, although they do not speak English properly.
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