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Translation of think about in German

to think about      denken über 

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think about; (recapacitar); (reflexionar) nachdenken
to think about*; to suppose; to mean meinen zu
to think about daran denken
think about halten von

You're from USA right?! You are learning German too? Why? Do you want to go to Germany? I'm from Italy and I used to live in Portugal for a while. Now I'm learning in order not to forget everything I learned there. Are you working?
Yes I think that's fine. I read your messages in German but i only understand them, answering in German is to difficult for me at the stage. Maybe after we practice for a while, I will be able to.
We exchanged numbers and they offered that we should contact them once we'd arrive to the capital. After dinner we bought some chocolate in one of the many stores, but it was not tasty, compared to Swiss chocolate.
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