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Translation of touchy in German

touchy     zickig

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Sample sentences:
Legislation on this touchy subject was purposely omitted.

Eine Gesetzgebung zu diesem heiklen Thema ist absichtlich weggelassen worden.
touchy empfindlich; zickig
touchy empfindlich2
touchy emfindlich

So she and I went to the food store to buy some lunch. However, the store had almost no food and one could pay in local currency or in US dollars. One could really see the country's poor economy.
First of all they gave me some chicken, which the mother has cooked especially for me. Well, the bizarre thing was that they did not join me while I was eating because I had a different meal.
The following day we took a boat trip to see the Los Glaciares National Park, where many glaciers formed hugh lakes. Many ice bergs were floating in these lakes and some of them had bizarre light blue colors.
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