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Translation of transcript in German

the transcript     die Abschrift; die Kopie; die Niederschrift

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Sample sentences:
The transcript of the speech will be published in our yearbook.

Die Abschrift der Rede wird in unserem Jahrbuch veröffentlicht.

I know it is a little confusing. The problem is if the original word is a conjugated verb: I skipped them until now. I did not write it in my explanations. It actually must be skipped. Thanks for noticing.
I am sending you my e-mail address. Then I can write in German and send it to you faster. Please send me pictures of your children. I love little kids, they are always so sweet and innocent.
I hope there were not too many mistakes here. I have learned Spanish not a long time ago and I am still very insecure! Tell me please, where do you come from and what you do?
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