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Translation of translation in German

the translation     die Translation; die Übersetzung

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Sample sentences:
Literal translations rarely work for idioms.

Wörtliche Übersetzungen funktionieren bei Redewendungen selten.
None of the above translations are without spelling errors. Keines der oben erwähnten Übersetzungen sind ohne Buchstabierfehler.

As I mentioned before, due to the small memory size and the relatively large size of the application, a little of the traffic was lost. This traffic appeared on the log file as well as in the analyzer.
My web designer found a bug and fixed it. Please ignore the last email. There seems to be a misunderstanding: When a user clicks on the Demo button, our cookie will automatically be set. That's it.
We landed at the same airport were we have started our trip three weeks earlier (before continuing to Cambodia), however this time we would stay for two days in the city. We were back in SE Asia.
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