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Translation of transmission in German

the transmission     die Übertragung

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Sample sentences:
The transmission of pictures from Mars has been very successful.

Die Übertragung von Bildern vom Mars war sehr erfolgreich.
automatic transmission; automatic gearbox Automatikgetriebe
gear transmission ratio Getriebeübersetzung
transmission of images Bildübertragung
fax transmission Faxübertragung
transmission (Über-)Sendung

As I mentioned before, due to the small memory size and the relatively large size of the application, a little of the traffic was lost. This traffic appeared on the log file as well as in the analyzer.
As I understood from you, the redirection, as you implemented it now would not be necessary. From our phone conversation last week I understood that all language instructions are detected by default.
We checked in at the huge Hotelasia, close to the Sony center, a large shopping mall, where we planned another shopping spree in the coming two days. We had disgusting dinner at a boring pizza place.
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