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Translation of tremendous in German

tremendous     enorm; gewaltig

Translation by Vocabulix


great; tremendous; huge klasse; toll; spitze
tremendous enorm, unglaublich
tremendous enorm; gewaltig
tremendous enorm,gewaltig
tremendous enorm; riesig

This Thursday afternoon a group of twenty five belonging to the Language Institute of English will take a trip to the Canadian city Montreal, accompanied and well protected by the bodyguard Linda.
I want to talk about racism, what it is and what it does, about who is a racist and what makes hit so, about its consequences and how we can fight it. Furthermore, I would like to analyze more.
I boarded the AA flight to Cancun, and got there around two o'clock. It was my first time in Mexico. On the same night I had a flight booked to Havana, but I did not know whether I should take it.
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