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Translation of troops in German

troops     Truppen

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Sample sentences:
The troops advanced and secretly invaded Belgium.

Die Truppen rückten vor und marschierten heimlich in Belgien ein.
The siege brought a serious disadvantage to the war lord's troops. Die Belagerung bedeutete einen bedeutenden Rückschlag für die Truppen des Kriegsherrn.
reduction in troops Truppenabzug
troops Schar; Truppen
troops Truppen

It was really depressing, it seemed to be like being in the army where you are forced to get up in the middle of the night. Anyway, I do not like the winter in the city as much as I like it in the alps.
As promised, I am sending you in the attachment a (very) little overview of some applications we created on Vocabulix. Please send me also some infos about your activities. When would be the best time to talk?
I called the Hilton hotel in Cuba and asked them whether it was worth coming or if they suggest to postpone the arrival. Their response was clear: Don't come unless you really have too.
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