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Translation of via in German

via     via

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Sample sentences:
I would send letters to Nigeria always via Airmail.

Ich würde Briefe nach Nigeria immer per Luftpost verschicken.
by means of*; using; via mittels
about, over, via über
via über, durch, per
by; via per

Today we have what we call 'hair dryer wind' (south wind from over the Alps), and it is around 30 degrees in Aarau. In some places even 31. Many people have headaches because of the weather.
In order to quickly become successful, one would have to change certain points, at least in my opinion: After 5 months of learning, I have still not found the grammar practice on which I should concentrate.
Now I am learning by other means, such as reading and writing. I can not begin with conjugation training because I lack the basic knowledge. How are you learning at this site and which is your best lesson?
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