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Translation of wagon in German

the wagon     der Wagen

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Sample sentences:
Horse wagons are no longer in fashion, not even among gipsies.

Pferdewagen sind nicht mehr in Mode, nicht einmal mehr bei Zigeunern.
wagon; car Wagen, Waggon, 2
by wagon mit dem Planwagen
wagon (Pferde-)Wagen(1)
wagon Wagen, Planwagen
station wagon Kombi
wagon (Plan-)wagen

I made a mistake regarding the information of the yield, you were right. I do not know whether the software had a license, I will let you know once I speak with my employer (tomorrow). Hasta luego.
Please call me about that, you should change them. The problem in general is that the front page is too stuffed, the information is displayed twice or more. That is confusing to the visitors.
I made plans to visit a surfing contest with a girl that I have met on the first day. We agreed to meet at ten in the morning at her place. I couldn't keep my eyes open and decided to quit.
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