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to want      wollen 

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Sample sentences:
I don't want to rehash all these arguments.

Ich möchte nicht alle diese Argumente wiederkäuen.
He had talked a lot but now she wanted to see some action. Er hatte viel geredet, aber jetzt wollte sie Taten sehen.
Callers usually want to preserve their anonymity. Anrufer wollen normalerweise ihre Anonymität bewahren.
like; want; querer, gustar mögen
want a wort sich unterhalten wollen
to want to wollen wollte gewollt
to want to; to intend to wollen
want; be willing; querer wollen
want to wollen; möchten
want not möchten nicht
want to stay bleiben wollen
want wollen; wünschen

I thought it would have been nice to meet each other in person. Do you prefer to teach adults or children? Of course, I want to learn more English and I can help you to learn more German.
Hey. You are online! Pollution means that the air is filthy and that it is hard to breathe. I'm getting much better at German, so please correct me when I am wrong in my language. You're English is actually great.
We woke up very early because we wanted to continue to Bariloche in Argentina. We bought some food and sat down by the lake to eat a breakfast sandwich. It was so foggy that we could not see the volcano.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of want   [ wanted, wanted ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of wollen
will  willst  will  wollen  wollt  wollen  wollte  wolltest  wollte  wollten  wolltet  wollten