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Translation of warn in German

to warn      warnen 

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Sample sentences:
The skipper warned his crew not to drink too much before the storm.

Der Kapitän warnte seine Mannschaft, vor dem Sturm nicht zu viel zu trinken.
The man warned us that ocelots transmitted dangerous diseases. Der Mann warnte uns, dass Ozeloten gefährliche Krankheiten übertrugen.
to warn about/against/of vor etwas warnen
to warn of alarmieren, warnen vor
to warn against warnen vor
to warn waren
warn warnen

I was never there but I heard that the night life is very exiting. I am going to Amsterdam next year with my uncle. He will return to his house where he was born. I think to come to germany next year but I don have any idea
Hi! Thank you for your invitation and for your very kind messages. I'm sorry but it is very late here and I prefer to write you tomorrow. When is the best time to chat? See you later than.
I have another question to you: How old are you? You look very young on your picture. Your life sounds really interesting but I cannot imagine how it is to live there. Is it safe there?
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of warn   [ warned, warned ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of warnen
warne  warnst  warnt  warnen  warnt  warnen  warnte  warntest  warnte  warnten  warntet  warnten