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Translation of whack in German

to whack     durchprügeln; einen Schlag versetzen; schlagen; verhauen
the whack     der Schlag

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Sample sentences:
The farmer whacked the stubborn donkey with a hoe.

Der Bauer schlug den störrischen Esel mit einer Hacke.

When have you been to Italy last time? It is very far from Romania. My friends and I were all small children when we last saw each other and when we met again we were all adults. This experience was a very strange feeling, but we have overcome it.
I will answer your mail during the weekend. Please translate the same text to Hungarian. I think it is easier to write. We can do the same with Spanish. Just note that the context needs to stay the same.
Many thanks for the corrections. Exactly what I needed to be happy. I want to learn French because it's a great language and because it sound so romantic to me. There is a lot more to improve.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of schlagen
schlage  schlägst  schlägt  schlagen  schlagt  schlagen  schlug  schlugst  schlug  schlugen  schlugt  schlugen