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Translation of when in German

when?      wann? 
when      als 
when     sobald

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Sample sentences:
The phony was caught when he tried to betray an art collector.

Der Schwindler wurde erwischt, als er versuchte, einen Kunstsammler zu betrügen.
The eagle started to pounce, when he discovered a prey animal. Der Adler begann herabzustoßen, als er ein Beutetier entdeckte.
They attested a pulmonary congestion, when they examined her. Sie attestierten eine Lungenstauung, als sie sie untersuchten.
When things happen Wenn Dinge geschehen
When should I...? Wann soll ich...?
When (repeated actions) wenn
except when ausgenommen wenn
when; whenever*; if wenn
when required auf Wunsch
when, if, whenever wenn
when, when? wenn, wann?
since when seit wann

Is there any specific reason you are learning Spanish? How is going? What sort of level are you? I live in London, England but I am originally from Mexico. when would you like to start practicing your Spanish?
However, his English was excellent and we soon found out that he was an English teacher before the war. We agreed on a price for showing us the entire area during the next 2 days. We took a nap and he picked us up later.
From there we took the bus to the main gate of the Machu Picchu ruins. Unfortunately we had to take the train back the same evening.
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