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Translation of wilt in German

to wilt     welken

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Sample sentences:
After twelve days, the twelve roses finally wilted.

Nach zwölf Tagen verwelkten die zwölf Rosen schließlich.

I hope my explanation was also clear that would say that for english verbs a to needs to be put from the selection list. Like: inhale would be 'to inhale' == 'inhalar'. The 'to' is taken from a selection list.
I do translate to Spanish, but I always inform the client about my problem, in order not to have any dispute. The corrections I receive after proof reading are mostly a confusion between the different time forms in Spanish.
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Conjugation of welken
[bin gewelkt]
welke  welkst  welkt  welken  welkt  welken  welkte  welktest  welkte  welkten  welktet  welkten