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Translation of wine in German

the wine      der Wein 

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Sample sentences:
The country of provenance of this delicious wine is France.

Herkunftsland dieses herrlichen Weins ist Frankreich.
As usual, the hobos were drinking cheap wine next to the church. Wie gewöhnlich tranken die Penner neben der Kirche billigen Wein.
My Spanish friend is a real stickler for good wine. Mein spanischer Freund ist ein ernsthafter Verfechter guten Weins.
wine cruet Messkännchen für Wein
to try the wine den Wein probieren
chilled wine gekühlter Wein
the wine(s) der Wein, Weine
the wine list die Weinkarte
wine-grower Winzer
wine Wein

We had three more days and the city which was plenty of time if not even too much. It is true that this city is unique and that you can spend there over a month, but we started to miss the countryside.
We had a great first impression of the people in Cambodia. We were expecting that people would like to take advantage of us but it wasn't the case at all. Our driver for example was very kind.
I have another question to you: How old are you? You look very young on your picture. Your life sounds really interesting but I cannot imagine how it is to live there. Is it safe there?
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