Frequently asked questions

Is Vocabulix free of charge?
Basic vocabulary lessons, the conjugation drills, the find friends section and some other tools are currently free.

What is Vocabulix?
Vocabulix is an online website that helps you to memorize vocabulary, verb conjugations and grammar rules in foreign languages in a fast and easy way. Vocabulix guides you through the learning process. It includes an online community where you can find language friends too.

Do I need a user name?
No, however if you do create a username then your results can be collected and saved on the system; and you will be able to create your own lessons.

How does the vocabulary builder work?
The vocabulary builder displays words in your native language which you then need to type into the system in the language you wish to learn. You will be able to choose words from predefined lessons. The program will memorize the words that you answered incorrectly and will ask you again at a later stage. If you have a user name in Vocabulix, the program can save your results as you practice, this way you can review your performance and follow your study progress. At the end of each lesson, you can review your performance on a score sheet.

How do I start the vocabulary builder?
Click on the 'Vocabulary' menu and follow the instructions.

How does the Vocabulary Platform work? New
The Vocabulix platform is used to create your own lessons using your own list of words (including sample sentences and synonyms). You can use these lessons yourself or share them with friends, classmates or other Internet users. Lessons can be created in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Czech or Danish (more languages coming soon). The builder functionalities are identical to those of the 'predefined lessons' vocabulary builder. Click the 'create lesson' menu in order to create a lesson. Click the 'vocabulary' menu (and then the second option) to practice a lesson you created earlier.

How does the scoring system work?
You begin the lesson with 100 points. A correct answer will give you 2 points. A mistake will you cost you one point.

What are lessons in the vocabulary builder?
All drills is divided into lessons. Lessons are available by levels of difficulty or topic. You can also select lessons which you created yourself. Lessons with Visual aids are also available.

What are private lessons?
After you have had some practice and find yourself making rapid progress you may find that there are still some words you have difficulties with. You can then gather these words into a single private lesson. You will need a user name in order to use this feature. Click the 'Create Lesson' menu to define your own "private lesson".

Saving results?
If you have a user name, all of your answers and results can be saved. You can then use our reporting features to track the number of mistakes you make with any given word. You can also see all of the results collated by lesson with time stamp. You will find your scores improve over time. Click the 'Results' menu to view your results.

How do the verb drills work?
During the verb drills the system will display a verb in a specific tense and personal pronoun in your language. You will be asked to translate a verb from your native tongue into the same tense and the same personal pronoun in the language you are studying. (Note: no answers or results are saved in this section). Verbs will appear from your pre-selected list in random order.

How do I start the verb drills?
Click on the 'Verb drills' menu and follow the instructions.

What languages are supported?
Predefined lessons are available in: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. "Create your own lessons", available in: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Czech.