German Dictionary

Translation of Annahme

die Annahme the acceptance; the receipt
die Annahme the presumption

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Sample sentences:
Hoffentlich kann seine Annahme des Problems einen gesunden Heilungsprozess einleiten.

Hopefully his acceptance of the problem can initiate a healthy recovery.
die Vermutung; die Annahme; das Raten the guess
die Annahme assumption; suposicion; presuncion
Annahme; Akzeptierung; Anerkennung acceptance
weitverbreitete Annahme widespread adoption
Gepäckkontrolle/annahme luggage
Annahme von Waren receipt of goods

So I cannot eat an entire fish, that looks like a fish and I cannot eat an entire chicken that looks like a chicken. Understand? It is all in the head, as I have told you before. Nothing personal.
I have been there once for vacation, but I was too little. It was twelve years ago, when I was still a child. I went there with mom and dad and all I cared about is beach and sand, no culture.
Our friendly hotel owner recommended a restaurant a outside of the center, so we walked about 20 minutes in the cold night together with the other couple. Were were the only people in that restaurant.