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Translation of Aufstellung

die Aufstellung the deployment; the statement; the lineup

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Sample sentences:
Drei Stunden vor dem Spiel änderte Trainer Mike Johnson die Aufstellung.

Coach Mike Johnson changed the lineup three hours before the game.
Baugruppe; Montagegruppe; Aufstellung assembly
Versammlung; Montage; Aufstellung assembly
Aufstellung; Programm line-up

In addition she is enjoying her studies very much. Work is fine! I'm in a learning phase and I have started my initial plans quickly. Two hours ago, I watched the Grand slam final of the US open!
I went back to the busterminal and dressed for the ride. That means I put on long pants and my hiking boots. Friends have warned me about freezing conditions during bus rides because of airconditioning.
After the bar we sailed back with the ferry to the other side, the side of the financial district, because there were some Halloween parties in the different bars at the Lan Kwai Fong street.