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Translation of eventuell

eventuell  eventually 
eventuell possible; potential; possibly

Translation by Vocabulix


eventuell maybe, optionally; eventualmente
eventuell; möglicherweise possibly
eventuell possibly; maybe; potentially
vielleicht, eventuell perhaps
vielleicht, eventuell maybe

Everybody knows about the Indian summer which is famous for it strong and shiny atmosphere in the woods. That is why i wanted to see it too. So, last Saturday morning we left Boston and drove North-West.
As I understood from you, the redirection, as you implemented it now would not be necessary. From our phone conversation last week I understood that all language instructions are detected by default.
We arrived without any more power back in the village of Sapa and went for dinner right away. We went to bed early, because of the physical exercise and because we did not sleep well a night earlier.