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Translation of schlachten

schlachten to slaughter

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schlachten to slaughter

I hope you could understand my last letter to you. You see, when I write in Spanish I am not very confident. I always question myself and each and every sentence takes about fifteen minutes.
After that I expect that you do the same. Write me a text in English and the same translated to Spanish. This way we will learn all directions. We will be able to compare the texts and learn.
I had imagined my first dinner to be a little different, but I was already here and wanted to make the best out of it. So i ate there and return to my hostel at around ten o'clock at night.

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of schlachten
schlachte  schlachtest  schlachtet  schlachten  schlachtet  schlachten  schlachtete  schlachtetest  schlachtete  schlachteten  schlachtetet  schlachteten