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Translation of zwischen

zwischen Ich werde nicht beide Paar Schuhe kaufen. Ich musst mich zwischen den schwarzen und den braunen entscheiden. between I won't buy both pairs of shoes. I need to decide between the black and the brown ones.
zwischen among

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Sample sentences:
Seine clevere Diplomatie schien ein besseres Verhältnis zwischen den Ländern anzukündigen.

His clever diplomacy seemed to herald a better relationship between the countries.
Ich beobachtete die Interaktion zwischen den Fußgängern. I observed the interaction between the pedestrians.
Die Diskrepanz zwischen ihrer Werwolferscheinung und ihrer Schönheit als Frau war schockierend. The discrepancy between her werewolf appearance and her beauty as a woman was shocking.
zwischen; zerbrochen; überprüfen between; broken; check
die Grenze; die Linie zwischen Ländern border
zwischen Schulen inter-school; between schools
unterscheiden zwischen differentiate between
zwischen den Büchern between the books
zwischen den Häusern between
unter; zwischen; inmitten among
zwischen, untereinander among
inmitten; zwischen; bei among

Although it is very cold, I love the fresh air there. After an hour and after finishing the getting dressed in warm winter-clothes I am usually ready for skiing. Normally I like to go out early.
Whatever you decide is fine for me. We arrived in the USA. I remember you telling me that you are working with Holiday Inn. Is there any way that we could get the discount price directly from the hotel?
The express ferry took us to Macau, a Portuguese colony near the Chinese Guangdong province. Although the distance is not short the express ferry gets there in one hour and is totally modern and reliable.