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Translation of remit in German

to remit überweisen
the remit der Aufgabenbereich; der Auftrag

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remit the amount den Betrag überweisen
to remit zahlen, überweisen
to remit überweisen

A little latter we came back to our home and Leonard offered me to take me around the city with his motorbike. I could not refuse although I am a little scared by these vehicles, as they are dangerous.
The tour started soon and we first visited the ruins nearby, which was a ten minutes drive. A tour guide introduced us to each and every pyramid and told us stories about practically every stone.
In addition it was a good opportunity to see Macau. Already at the airport a guy approached us and tried to convince us into a day tour with him. We explained that we had only three hours left.

English Verbs    
Conjugation of remit   [ remitted, remitted ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of überweisen
überweise  überweist  überweist  überweisen  überweist  überweisen  überwies  überwiesest  überwies  überwiesen  überwieset  überwiesen