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Translation of pelea

la pelea  the quarrel 
la pelea the fight; the struggle
la pelea the brawl; the tiff

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Sample sentences:
Él se rompió el caballete de la nariz durante la pelea.

He broke the ridge of his nose during the fight.
Después de la pelea tenía un ojo hinchado. After the fight he had a swollen eye.
Tenían una pelea hace mucho tiempo, pero ahora son amigos. They had a tiff long ago but they are friends again now.
Escaramuza; pelea sin importancia Skirmish
la pelea the argument, fight
pelea fight

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English Verbs    
Conjugation of brawl   [ brawled, brawled ]
Conjugation of fight   [ fought, fought ]
Conjugation of quarrel   [ quarreled, quarreled ]
Conjugation of struggle   [ struggled, struggled ]